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How do you think about the answers? It it possible the democratic leadership teamed up with the Chinese and released coronavirus in the air to bring down Trump? CLEVELAND MEPS REQUIRED RECORDS FOR PRESCREEN List of minimum required medical records for applicant processing Revised March 24, 2015 Page 1 of 9 Here is list of medical issues for which you DO NOT need to submit medical records. Directhit has been visited by 1m+ users in the past month. Does MEPS check your medical record? The MEPS is your one and only chance to be honest about your health history. Yes. MEPS does not access civilian medical records. When it shows up..asthma in the gas chamber, a bad joint in basic, your **controlled** schizophrenia will have then crawling all over your medical history with a fine toothed comb. Withholding medical information is the same as lying and it comes with a discharge for fraudulent enlistment -- even if all you came into the clinic for was a sprained ankle. MEPS will either DQ you, allow you to physical and enlist, or allow you to physical with a waiver (most likely). Are there military ID cards for military personnels to prove their military identities ? Do they? More posts from the Militaryfaq community. Please use a **clear title** for your question: clear titles get clear answers. Any problems will be found. For the Air Force does MEPs check all medical records or only if you give them reason to...seems like that would be a long process to check everyone. you could be dishonorably discharged, and possibly sent to prison. However, the digitized records are kept forever. as it's a felony to lie about medical history. Absolutely. Merely list the problem on the 2807-2 1. Whatever you have on your paper is your story, and you need to stick to it. it's better to be honest about any and all medical history. They don't pull any records themselves. ESPECIALLY IF IT'S A LIFE THREATENING CONDITION. Your medical records hhs.Gov. It is up to you to tell the truth. We use cookies to … My question is how confidential are your medical records in the navy? Because many military positions involve classified information pertinent to national security, the government is adamant about making these checks thorough. Your recruiter is partly right: no one *at MEPS* is likely to dig into your medical records. like as soon as the meps appointment date? Meps will try to pry information from you and scare you into telling them anything that will disqualify you. Which as far as I know they won't do unless you give them reason to. yes they can-- you sign a medical release as part of the enlistment process, does meps check your medical history ? NORMALLY they will not go back and extensively check your medical history except under two circumstances: You apply for a specialty which requires a higher clearance in which case you may be the subject of a Special Background Investigation (my TS/SCI went all the way back to the 3rd Grade). If something is missed the blame would fall squarely on someone's shoulders, presumably the person who was supposed to check it. LIKE AS SOON AS THE MEPS APPOINTMENT DATE? WHEN they find it, even if it was something that would not have been a disqualification, you will be booted out because the issue will become that you lied, not what you lied about. i enlisted into the marines 4 days ago and i am about to go down to meps in 3 days, but here is the thing, i have previous restraining order involving a 72 hour watch hold, but all this is long gone. thanks. You can sign in to vote the answer. But that is not true for the duration of your military career. If you are this worried, I would recommend that you don't take any jobs that require a security clearance so you don't have to do additional background checks. not generally, of course the military is going to review your medical history and give you a VERY complete physical. You also voluntarily surrender all protections of the Privacy Act and HIPAA and you swear that your medical history is an accurate record under penalty of perjury. If we separated everyone who lied about marijuana use we would have a significantly smaller military. Not usually at MEPS. For both, it's to ensure that only qualified candidates enlist. Can they? The reason they do this is because if you lied and have a prior history they get to give you a more negative Discharge AND they do not have to grant you medical benefits for pre-existing conditions (you are also ineligible to file for any VA Disability). It baffles me how many folks think all you have to do is clear the MEPS. This screening process tests individuals in varying ways, verifying applicants can meet the demands indicated in each job. How long does MEPS keep medical records., Military Life and Issues, 2 replies MEPS and scars, Military Life and Issues, 3 replies Attack on MEPS center, Military Life and Issues, 4 replies Looking for advice before going to MEPS...., Military Life and Issues, 38 replies Going to MEPS... again, Military Life and Issues, 6 replies One and done. Find fast answers for your question with govtsearches today! other then that … I assume they would. IF you lie and you are caught you will take the fall. You can whine about how "My Recruiter told me to lie" and NOTHING will happen to him once he says, "I would never tell a Recruit to lie." close. Stuck waiting for MEPS to process my info from Military to Military as well as MEPS to MEPS. A subreddit for anyone and everyone to ask questions and share information about the military. If you don't, you'll more than likely get DQ'd, and will have to come back another day. Many hospitals do not accept the military release. If you decide to start the application process, your recruiter will give you a list of questions. There is no "oops". No. The only way we would find out is if a recruiter had to sign the hospitals release form and we went and got the records. No, but whatever you're trying to hide will show up somewhere. Yes. If you lie; if you withhold information and we find it, there is no allowance made for "I forgot". Dermatology electronic records find top results. You sign a HIPPA and Privacy Act waiver granting access to any and all medical records wherever they … There's a strict protocol on protecting your personal information. That way we have them in case you get sick or hurt. 1) Actual paper records for MEPS are kept for two years. HELP!!! MEPS relies on the records that you give them. how do so many get caught? THE REASON SO MANY PEOPLE GET CAUGHT IS BECAUSE THEY ARENT CONSISTENT WITH WHAT THEY TELL THEIR RECRUITER AND WHAT THEY TELL THE DOCTORS AT MEPS. Anonymous. !, Military Life and Issues, 8 replies Waiting too long for MEPS, Military Life and Issues, 1 replies How long does MEPS keep medical records., Military Life and Issues, 2 replies 2) I am sorry to say that if the personnel in OPM are careful (and you know they normally are), they will cross check for any existing MEPS records, since MEPS is available to all service branches. Falsifying or omitting from your medical history is called Fraudulent Entry and it is a Federal felony. Go ahead, put the one bullet in the chamber and spin the cylinder...the military ALWAYS wins. It’s official. They make sure you understand that. day of? Just keep your mouth shut and check no on the medical questionaire they give you. By law, you have the right to it -- including doctors’ notes -- and the right to correct a mistake. If something medical comes up at a later date the military will crawl through your medical history on their bellies to see if you omitted, hid or lied about something. at MEPS they only look at what you tell them or give them. Then you'll be out on your @ss whit either an ELS (fraudulent entry) or an OTH- With any luck you wont have to pay back EVERY dime they spent on you. They say they are able to look at your records but no they aren't/cant. Some medical conditions require additional medical records. Relevance. Ok so I don't have a very good medical record but I was just curious If MEPS checks your medical record or do they only check it if you give them a reason to?.. Will I do the medical screening form again at MEPS? Still have questions? I quote the recruiters text message "You have nothing to worry about. The employer does not have access to the medical/financial records or investigation details, only the agency doing the actual investigation. ANSWER 0 Shelly ANSWERS: 4. That means if you didn't talk about it with your recruiter, you don't talk about it with the people at MEPS. Doesn't matter if we find it YEARS later. Those regulations are federal law -- they do not go away. But they can be difficult to get. I would go talk to the recruiter, before going to MEPS. If asked at MEPS again, should I just fess up about the counseling and previous medication, or what are the chances that they don't actually see that in records? IF MEPS HAS ACCESS TO YOUR RECORD HOW THE HELL DO SO MANY PEOPLE LIE AND GET THROUGH? You will spend every day of your service looking over your shoulder, waiting for the axe to fall. Get your answers by asking now. Getting past MEPS doesn't make the regulatory standard go away. can meps check your medical history ? It is up to you to fill in the form and tell the truth about your past medical history. Honestly, if you aren't taking any meds now, aren't seeing a mental health professional now, and haven't had any recent issues, then I would say it's a non-issue. Medical Screening. 2 Answers. That's why we have background checks. Does the military at MEPS REALLY check your Medical Records if you don't give them a reason to? does meps have access to medical records on the spot? 5. posted by 4 months ago. If you lied and we find it you're done. THANKS--, THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING YOU DONT TELL THEM, PLEASE STOP YELLING. however, if you are found out to by lying, it is going to suck for you afterward. Cheerleader's vulgar message prompts legal showdown, Nick McGlashan, 'Deadliest Catch' star, dies at 33, Home equity wealth booming in America during pandemic, Houston QB forced to leave game after odd hand injury, Nuns allege abuse: Convent 'pretty much like ... a cult', First ‘Masked Dancer’ reveal is controversial rapper, State-run program makes saving for retirement easier, J.J. Watt calls out teammates for lack of effort, After the vaccine, a wide array of reactions reported, British pop star diagnosed with scary ear disease, China angered by Trump's support for 2 nations. enlisting question. While we rarely dig into your records at MEPS we almost always get them once you get to your first duty station. Does the military actually look up your records unless you. Regardless of what any other answerers may say, MEPS does NOT have the power, nor does it have the resources, to "pull up" anyone's medical records. Answer Save. Your medical history is fair game for the duration of your military career. I LIED MY ASS OFF AT MEPS BUT GOT AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE I WAS CONSISTENT. does meps have access to medical records on the spot? They will tell you, right before they finger print you, that if you have not disclosed a conviction, that you will be charged. The criminal background check and security clearance investigations can and do find sealed records. Article right now on Yahoo, says COVID cases and deaths are DOWN this Christmas week so what did they do differently during the incubation P. Is he full of crap ? They may … 1) "Can Military Meps Check Medical History?" if meps has access to your record how the hell do so many people lie and get through? Do they just make you fill out a paper on your medical history and … Not true at all. If you are foolish enough to provide those records, that is another matter altogether. I havn't gone to MEPS yet, I'm about to take the AFOQT and then do the physical. Long story short: As long as your specialist was not a navy doc, but a civilian doc off base, then you should be fine and those records should not be easily accessible for them at meps at all unless they dig. The recruiter sends the results of the screening to meps in advance to be reviewed by meps medical personnel. Will they see the medical record there and see that your lying? Some medical issue arises either in training or while on Active Duty which seems suspicious or might indicate that you had a prior history, such as asthma or mental health issues. Normally, it results in an immediate something less than Honorable Discharge, but the military always has the option of sending you to a Court Martial, fining you up to $10,000, putting you in Federal prison for up to three years, and giving you a Dishonorable Discharge. PLEASE DON'T LIE IF IT IS SOMETHING IMPORTANT. 2) "No one will look into your medical history unless you want to give them that information". If recruits have an issue of concern with their medical record, they can discuss it with a recruiter. This saves you from being "temporarily disqualified," requiring that you return later with the necessary records for full qualification. Unlike your criminal check, which is in the FBI database, medical records aren't so easy to access. When you visit MEPS, the Army conducts a medical evaluation to verify that your body can withstand the demands of military service from day one. Meps will not get ahold of any medical records that you do not provide for them. When you apply to enlist you grant the military unrestricted access to ALL of your legal, educational, and medical history. You sign a HIPPA and Privacy Act waiver granting access to any and all medical records wherever they may be found. That's pretty rare. You fill out a form where they ask quesitons about any past medical problems. The standard is the standard and it applies for your whole military career. We find far more than we miss. There is no central database for medical records. Does meps or the FBI for a clearance ever look at your medical records when you were a minor? Update: Thanks so much brent yeah the other poster is immature and just a waste of time!!! DAY OF? MEPS makes you sign a medical release but they don't have the money or resources to check the thousands of doctors and hospitals in the country to see if you have some hidden record there. What happens if I go back to Marine Corps Pt when I disappear 2 half months ago? if the U.S. has the strongest military could we win any war? Most Doctors keep those records private. Military background checks are among the most rigorous in any field or sector. I've had employers frequently ask permission to pull a credit report on me but they can't ask for medical records legally. MEPS is conducted to ensure that individuals meet the medical, physical and moral standards set by each branch of service. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The only med records MEPS even has to look up are the ones you gave them or that your recruiter gave them prior to going to meps. They will not go see your previous doctor. If you "suddenly" pop up with asthma or a mental health issue, or anything else that seems even slightly suspicious the military is going to start processing you for a Discharge and they are also going to start digging deep into your educational, legal, and medical histories. Period. I can personally attest to that. The prescreening is designed to identify those conditions so that your recruiter can help you obtain required medical records before your trip to MEPS. - Answered by a verified Military Lawyer. And do they really check all medical records? I am just telling you what the MEPS station here does. HOW DO SO MANY GET CAUGHT? In addition to a physical exam, recruits must complete a medical history questionnaire. On the evening of March 29th, I’ll be driving to Raleigh to check into a Hilton hotel for the evening so that I can be up at the ass crack of dawn to head to the Military Entrance Processing Station (better known as MEPS) to begin my minimum of a month long wait for the Surgeon General of the Air Force Reserve’s blessing on my enlistment process. When you visit MEPS, the military conducts a medical evaluation to verify that a recruit can withstand the rigors of military service without complications. Doesn't matter at all. The military can and does issue waivers to recruits who are … What about in bootcamp or basic training? It is not the recruiters job to get you into the military, nor is it MEPS' job to disqualify you. Your medical record is a medical and legal document. When it does, we look at your records just like any other hospital in the world. No one will look into your medical history unless you want to give them that information". No, neither MEPS or the military have access to your medical records. does meps check your medical record? Preparing For Meps' Medical Questions. it takes too much time and money they do not want to spend to look into your medical history. Press J to jump to the feed. MEPS *does* have the ability to access you medical records, but they won't unless you give them a reason to. enlisting question. Nobody plans on getting getting sick or injured but it happens. UNCOMPLICATED appendectomies more than six months ago 2. "No new news" is hogwash. How do you get a copy of your meps physical exam from. I have personally caught trainees trying to hide an asthma diagnosis precisely because of this.

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