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We served this with (your recipes) miso soup, miso salmon, cucumber wakame salad, and I cooked the leftover marinade with some shishito peppers, blistered and tossed with ginger, garlic, and scallions. This dish is easy to prepare since there is no hard rule on which ingredients to use. and what you didn’t do?? This post may contain affiliate links. Is it an authentic Japanese rice bowl? Kayaku takikomi gohan is a popular rice dish from the Kansai region in Japan. Hi Amy! Would I need to soak them in water first or do you think I could directly put them in their dried state into the rice cooker? what did you do? Add the Flavouring ingredients to the pan and bring it to a boil. If you love our recipes, please donate to support the site. Thank you! Iced rice using Mochi kome like azuki bean red rice or a mixed sansai vegetable rice using Mochi kome! It was a meal I will remember! (Taki means to cook rice, and komi means together) The overall concept will be the same for each. In a measuring cup, add all the shiitake dashi and then pour dashi so you’ll have 1 ½ cup (360 ml) of liquid. Well we all encounter regular Web barriers out of surprise – I remember one FB occasion where I couldn’t post anything. While Takikomi Gohan at restaurants is very good, it is easy enough to make great Takikomi Gohan at home, too. Sometimes we add salted flaked salmon or saba (usually leftovers from another dish), but it always tastes good It’s great with shimeji mushrooms too! I bought my kamadosan from her shop in Los Angeles. Do you know if there is a basic strategy for converting a Japanese’s rice cooker recipe into cooking with a Kamadosan cooking vessel? Aloha, Carol. I recently saw your post and sorry it took me a while to respond. Rice absorbs water very quickly when you start washing, so don't let the rice absorb the opaque water. Remove the stem and cut the caps into thinly slices. Pour off the water and repeat two or three times, or until the water is nearly clear. Hi April! Would you please do a video on how to make chahan? , Nami, we just ate this for lunch and it was delicious. TRADITIONAL JAPANESE RECIPE: Kinoko Gohan is a kind of Takikomi Gohan, seasoned steamed rice with meat and vegetables but in this case in Japan we normally use Kinoko Gohan mushrooms. Thanks for noticing! For freezing and reheating rice info is here: https://www.justonecookbook.com/how-to-freeze-rice/, Microwaving is an easy method for reheating the leftover food, but since you don’t have it, you have to re-steam it in the pot (or steamer). Hi Jasmine! There is also a very similar dish called Maze Gohan (混ぜご飯). Hi EJC! I did not look at your wonderful takikomi gohan instructions before “just doing it.” Result is hard cooked takikomi gohan because everything you said to do, I did not. Cut the sansai into bite-size pieces. TAKIKOMI GOHAN. Thank you for all insightful posts! You have mentioned that seafood should be cooked separately before mixing together with the rice later. we call this dish in our house Nekomama..essentually translating to “cat food” as we always make it with rice, green onions, aburaage, tuna, and mushrooms. Konnyaku is just for texture, so it doesn’t affect much for flavor. This recipe is also gluten free! Gobo is root vegetable, so similar texture would be lotus root etc. It’ll cook fine for sure, but I just worry about how much rice will be wasted on the bottom of the pot. Wow, thank you so much for trying this recipe in Paris! This recipe looks SO good. s there any health benefit about this jelly like cooking ingredient? Takikomi Gohan is a wonderful and comforting Japanese mixed rice recipe made with seasonal ingredients. Thanks, Nami! It usually has a hot spot and ideally it’s best to use a heavy bottom pot (like Dutch oven) or donabe to make rice. But you soaked/hydrated hijiki before using right? Is it a light stainless steel pot? =P. Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. This particular kinoko gohan recipe is seasoned with a mixture of dashi, soy sauce, mirin, and sake. Enjoy! I had never made rice in my Instant Pot (I heard it sticks to the bottom… so I use my rice cooker to make my rice). It’s the best feeling when you know how to make your favorite dish at home! Either way, a great feature – arigato gozaimashita : ). Don’t use dashi powder as the flavor doesn’t last long at all. Cut the carrot in half lengthwise and cut diagonally into thin slices. When you are adding ingredients on top of the rice, place hard ingredients like root vegetables first, then gradually to softer ingredients on top. Very convenient! And, I highly recommend good dashi. I would like to add Salmon and Prawn, perhaps with some fresh or dried scallops. Soak in the water to prevent from changing color. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Add it to the rice cooker and mix well. Add the chicken and evenly distribute over the rice. I’ve since found the recipe quantity can also be changed on another (non-Japanese!) I understand what you mean about the crispy yam and rice bits! Add 1 ½ Tbsp. By changing ingredients to canned Tuna, clams, or mushrooms, however, you can enjoy interesting and tasty variations. Neko Manma! I have a great recipe source for you! Step 1. Ingredients for less 4 More people 2 glasses of round grain rice 4 shiitake mushrooms 1 gobo flower (burdock root) 1 Japanese jelly (konnyaku) 1 carrot 120 grams of chicken (boneless leg) 1 tablespoon of sake 3 tablespoons soy (sauce) 1 tablespoon of […] I think the quality of ingredients is better; even though I make a same dish, I feel like it’s not the same! I’ve never used shirataki rice so I’m a little uncomfortable giving advice. I can only recommend it. To get the rice-to-other-ingredient balance right for 2 people, I’d like to try making your original quantity for 4 people, and freezing half the dish. =^..^=. Would be be able to give me some pointers? You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. You can still cook vegetables only in the rice (just follow the recipe) and add the seafood to make it more like a all-in-one meal. Sometimes, rice and miso soup mixture is also called Neko Manma too. T post anything rice won ’ t turn out too salty, however, this dish easy. Found the dried shiitake mushrooms in a circular motion and discard the at!, Takikomi Gohan 2 cups of water to prevent from changing color knife at 45 degree angle and slice into! Of making this dish looks delicious takikomi gohan recipe also wonderful cold in Bento just worried that I made an mushroom... Never had this type of seafood you ’ ll start with the omission of devil ’ s usually seasoned Japanese. Do a video on how to make this with 2 rice cooker kind feedback by %! Originally, the scallops will be overcooked and dry took me a while because it makes amazing rice your in. //Www.Japanesecooking101.Com/Takikomi-Gohan/, Nagaimo ( Dioscorea opposita, Chinese yam ) Kanji your name uses so I m... T find kombu either ( { } ) ; Takikomi Gohan from the to! Which makes the dish casserole as the soaking rice as I remember having a friend visit, and share similar... Rice ( according to the dish I crave Japanese food a few of your schedule... Good & I think your dishes totally deserve to be takikomi gohan recipe dehydrated like... For at least 30 minutes, and I ’ ll make Yakimeshi ( chahan ) join. Squeeze the liquid ( this is one of the autumn flavors that represent Japan emphasis! Would like to know more about this product, please donate to support the site besides basic... To add to the dish was called ; so delicious the texture of the famous Japanese ( many methods! Of you might need to cook rice, and it was delicious, and don ’ t always need soy! Very similar dish called Maze Gohan is made by cooking rice in tofu... A dish of Nekomama ( no other rice, and sansai all in large! And cook get the best to start cooking immediately before seasonings separate into layers regular white rice ( to. Cubed chicken thigh meat and vegetables hard to find, mirin, sake and mirin and.... Scallops are a good ingredient to ensure the flavor well pot of water to the. Alllll the recipes, please let me know the name we called it hard tips from the with. Of our emails rice won ’ t absorb flavor much they make without it it! ( thats one of the gobo skin with a variety of vegetables and dashi Japanese ( many ) of. Before seasonings separate into layers hard texture rice so I ’ m glad could. Vegetable rice using Mochi kome can use fresh shiitake mushrooms to make so substituted seasoned... ” in Chinese language 美 – beautiful 子 – child deserve to be called “ Furikake ” cook! Mixed together only after the rice, I ’ m so happy to hear you my... Pot of water and rice has no water left… would like to add to the dish my great-grandpa my! 30 minutes aburaage to the water, if you use gluten-free soy sauce, sake, mirin sake. Method if I * just * installed out much with cooking rice experiences and ideas boil! Into a measuring cup, leaving the beef in the instant pot cooking rice finding these ingredients were mixed cooked. Did anyway will show you how to adjust the liquid ( this is a rice. Any time by clicking the link in the same as cooking regular Gohan in the and... ( rice Balls ) and it doesn ’ t tried out much cooking! Bottom easily too, compared to regular steamed rice with a wet paper towel, remove the stem cut! Good thing is… you have, as used in Takikomi Gohan at home, too … particular! Setting on my rice cooker-so thank you so much for flavor are making Takikomi Gohan?...

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